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                      Most of the expressways in our country use the "wave beam" guardrail, and the median guardrail is mainly double wave wave beam guardrail. According to the safety performance evaluation standards of guardrails at home and abroad, under the condition of high speed, the main protection object of double wave beam guardrails is small cars. In other words, if heavy vehicles or large buses collide with such guardrails at high speed, the guardrails can not achieve effective protection.
                      According to statistics, although China's expressways only account for 2.4% of the total mileage of highways, they have completed 40% of the freight turnover of commercial trucks in the whole society. And in China's highway network, the proportion of freight traffic in some places is even more than 40%. However, most of the existing double wave corrugated beam guardrails in the median of expressways in our country can not meet the operation safety requirements of these heavy vehicles, and there is such an accident risk of breaking through the median guardrail



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